Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Teachers Capacity Building Training

Preparing teachers for the 2018/2019 school year. With new children coming to school for the first time and children moving from one class to the next, it was important to equip teachers with the right techniques to work effectively with children with a wide range of abilities in an inclusive setting.
Theme: "Practical Guidelines for Effective Special Needs Intervention & Strategies for Success in an Inclusive Classroom"  September 1st 2018 at BeBetter Center.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Autism Awarenesss 2018: Media Engagement

In our usual tradition, we carried out extensive media engagements to continue to spread the word about autism. We also worked on giving accurate information about some misconceptions around the disorder in Nigeria.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Autism Awareness Month April 2018

Our usual tradition is to observe the April Autism Awareness month. This year, in collaboration with Dew drops autism center in Abuja, we hosted a family funfair. Play and social interaction is an important part of growing up which most children with special needs usually miss due to social stigmatization and family reservation. This funfair gave them the opportunity to enjoy all these childhood joys in an atmosphere suitable for them and their family members.

Working at Galadimawa

Subsequent visits to Galadimawa village got us busy educating and enlightening the primary school teachers at LEA school. On other visits, we worked with children hands-on, giving demonstrations to family members for follow-up until our next visit. Memories of those visits are captured here.

Courtsey visit to Village Head Galadimawa, Abuja FCT

Thoughtful House Outreach to Galadimawa Village. On this visit, we met with the village head to get his permission and blessing to carry out our work with special needs children in the community. The reception was warm and permission was granted.

Annual Arts Exhibition 2017

As usual, we encourage our children to be creative and with the help of their teachers, we had another successful exhibition in 2017. You can order for Ankara jewelry, canvas paintings and other art work by calling 08180352503.